FridgeFramer™ the Simple One

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The Simpler Brother

The often forgotten brother of the highly praised original FridgeFramer™. Designed for you in a clean manner and with beautiful and simple aesthetics. Instantly remove your refrigerator-clutter and live the organized and well put-together lifestyle that we all dream of having.

  • Double your refrigerator storage: Make room for all of the delicious meals that you’ve prepared – but have no room for.
  • Gather the small food items: Hate throwing out those once-perfectly good vegetables, because they’ve been hiding in the mess, collecting bacteria on the fridge shelves throughout the week?

Smooth like butter slide-on design

Leave behind the days of running out of space in your fridge with the smooth like butter slide-on design and click-by-click stretchable sizes to tailor fit your refrigerator width.

  • No tools required: Simply slide on your rack on the refrigerator shelf and start organizing everything instantly.
  • Fits nearly all shelves: The FridgeFramer™ fits nearly all commercial refrigerator shelves.

Is it safe?

  • Ideal for storing food and beverages: PP plastic is considered to be the safest of all plastics while being robust and heat resistant.
  • Easy to clean design: Simply rinse with water and soap once needed.
  • Holds up to 5kg: Perfect for keeping the fridge neat.

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  • To ensure that the entire fridge is kept neat and organized we recommend 4 units of the FridgeFramer™ the Simple One
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FridgeFramer™ the Simple One
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